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We aim to be the bridge for small business owners; connecting them to the tools and strategic resources needed for success.

Your Success.

Advocatus Consulting is not your average consulting firm filled with analysts and number crunchers. We are people. We have been in your shoes and have endured the struggle of entrepreneurship. We recognize that no one is more passionate about your business than you are. We'll work with you to reach your goals.

While we have a number of predefined services, we recognize no two engagements are the same. We'll work with you to determine the scope of your project and its projected deliverables.

Advocatus (ahd-vah-KAH-tus) is Latin for helper, counsel, or friend. It is a foundational principle of our business. It's also the genesis of the word, "advocate".

Advisory Services

There are times when a business owner knows that their company isn't operating on all cylinders. The business tune-up identifies problems and creates solutions. We discover and define the key drivers of the business and create the mechanisms to track those drivers by determining bottlenecks and inefficiencies in processes.
Our Goal: To identify cost-effective strategies that ensure that your company is configured for growth and profitability.


One of our clients said it perfectly: "I constantly feel like I'm in the middle of a tornado. Our weekly calls always make me feel better prepared and focused." We will set up periodic (usually weekly) phone calls or meetings to be a sounding board and advisor for whatever issues come up. We will hold you accountable and walk beside you for projects we've worked on and help you prioritize.
Our Goal: To engage in strategic practices that ensure accountability by utilizing organizational management systems to optimize company deliverables.

Fractional Executive

We know there are times in the development of a business where an extra set of hands is needed. Whether it's for a week, a month, or even longer, Advocatus Consulting, LLC can provide you with another thought leader who can help you manage whatever transition you are in. Whether it's filling in for a departed executive, negotiating a new source of funding at your bank, or working through an acquisition or merger, let us partner with you to ensure you meet your objectives.
Our Goal: To support business initiatives by employing business best practices to drive the mission and vision of the company.

Speaking Engagements

Providing engaging, dynamic messages on topics such as: Finding your Purpose, The Trap of Perfectionism, Leading from the Back, Building a Culture of Excellence and many others. Scott is a great choice for your leadership retreat, conference schedule, commencement addresses or church group.
Our Goal: To encourage and empower every individual and organization to maximize their potential and live out their purpose.

Spotlight Projects

Scott has helped me greatly and continues to do so. I highly recommend him as a consultant to anyone that already has or is thinking about starting a business. He is an expert in accounting, great with employee management and very knowledgeable about possible legal issues. But what I like most is that, as a third party, he helps me think objectively and helps calm the storm of emotions that comes with owning a business. I always feel peaceful and confident that, with the Lord’s help, I can enjoy my work and provide for my family all while being a benefit to our community and staff.

Win, win, win with Advocatus Consulting, LLC.

Dave, Cloud Architect/Owner Silver Salmon Consulting

During a time of great stress and turmoil, Scott came in and helped calm the waters and provided much-needed leadership to the school.  We were under tremendous pressure to raise money, reorganize our operations, and complete the purchase of our property and building. Scott led our team and provided strategic insight and leadership.  He was instrumental in gaining a new banking relationship, solidifying our cash position after the purchase, and negotiating contracts with both our new principal and with several external vendors.

While working as the Chairman of our board, Scott helped create the bylaws and the governing documents we currently use.  He set-up the board related documents, established the protocol for documenting board meeting decisions, and served as a grammarian. He was and is an asset for us and we couldn’t recommend him more highly.

The Board, United Faith Christian Academy

Scott met with our start-up, and after just one session we had a much clearer picture of where our financial estimates stood. Scott not only helped us confirm and adjust our projections, but he also gave us several ideas on how we could stabilize our operations by taking on less financial risks.

Scott is an unusual financial expert: one who has creative, innovative ideas combined with an engaging and enthusiastic personality.

We’ll be calling on Scott again –  at each step in our growth!

Carey, Owner Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte

Few successful business leaders are able to balance honesty, character, and integrity with “what is best for business.” Scott Woods sets a new standard for business consultants because he is driven by incredibly high levels of integrity and character, and he is able to apply creative and sound business practices to generate results.

This is why I knew he was the perfect person to help us launch our gym in 2012. He is brilliant with numbers and easily shares what the numbers mean – now, in 6 months and 5 years from now.

There is no other business consultant I would trust with our future than Scott Woods. Thank you, Scott, for being a friend, mentor, consultant, and an example of how a professional man of character conducts business.

Jason, President Rhymer Fitness

Scott Woods is indeed an ‘advisor and encourager’. My company and I have benefitted tremendously from his guidance and expertise for some time now. Scott is very effective as a strategist and executive consultant/confidante, and I highly recommend him.

Beth Sanders, CEO and Founder Hope Homes Recovery

Scott met with our startup, and after just one session we had a much clearer picture of where our financial estimates stood. Scott not only helped us confirm and adjust our projections, but gave us several ideas on how we could strengthen our operational stability by taking on less financial risk. Scott is a most unusual financial expert: one who has creative, innovative ideas and an engaging and enthusiastic personality! We’ll be calling on Scott again at each step in our growth!

Abigail Head, President InChannel

Scott possesses the ability to understand engineering processes and sequences at a level with most engineers that I work with. This is a rare skill and working with Scott was a really enjoyable experience as he bridged the gap between technology and business in a very efficient way.

Dave, Cloud Architect/Owner Silver Salmon Consulting

I really enjoyed working with Scott on the development of Northwest Companies second generation procure-to-pay system. His approach to managing the work was smart and effective – he is friendly, easy to work with, and able to understand complex issues then make sound decisions on behalf of the users. This was an agile project and Scott was a great product owner!

Heidi Bush, Practice Manager DXC Technologies

I had the pleasure of working with Scott for over two years and witnessed his exceptional networking skills and talent for listening and connecting people and resources. He is passionate about his work and willing to share insight and lessons learned from his previous experience. He continues to be a trusted sounding board that provides honest and constructive feedback.

Allison Christie, Chief Administrative Officer The Blanchard Institute

About Us

Scott Woods, CEO & Managing Director

What we do for companies is simple.

We provide leadership and guidance to owners and executives by assisting them in maximizing their profits and impact. Whether it is through executive/strategic coaching, fractional executive leadership, or a complete review and overhaul of your processes and procedures, our goal is to get clients excited about their business again while helping them sleep better at night, knowing that all of their “ducks are in a row.”

​This is why Advocatus Consulting, LLC exists and why owners are excited to work with us.

My journey to the world of consulting has had several twists and turns. I graduated from Clemson University with a degree in accounting; but I immediately realized that public accounting was not what I wanted in a career.

​So, I set off to find my calling – a place where I could make a lasting impact.

Through my work in internal audit, investigative accounting, and in several accounting departments, I discovered my passion: privately held businesses and non-profits. This demographic allowed me to get my hands dirty while working and managing a variety of departments: operations, inside and outside sales, customer service, accounting, and IT. Within 5 years of graduating college, I was a Vice President and C-Level Executive managing nearly 75 employees.

After over 20 years of leading and optimizing several companies, I decided what I really enjoyed most was helping companies and owners focus on what they truly love most: their business. By helping companies rediscover their “why,” my goal was simple: to help them refocus on their goals, and maximize profits, value and impact.

Give Advocatus Consulting a call.  Let’s chat about how we can grow your business and leave a legacy of impact.

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